Eye Tests

Recommended every two years, more often if you are older, younger or have an eye condition, with Hendersons Opticians, you will receive a comprehensive eye test from a qualified optician using our latest in-house technology.

During the test, our optician will put you at ease and go at your pace, with no pressure or sales talk.

Following the examination, we will spend the time getting to understand your requirements and making recommendations accordingly.

Our eye tests take from 20-60 minutes and cover all aspect of eye health and sight. At Hendersons Opticians you can rest assured you are getting the very best advice from people who care.

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We can supply a large range of frames from all the popular brands to suit every budget. And with our own in-house lab we can even provide same-day glasses in many instances.

Erin's World Frames

Designed specifically for children and adults with Down's Syndrome, Downs children, Erin's World Frames aim to improve the sight and quality of life for individuals by providing a custom frame, fit for their unique needs.

We carry and fit Erin's World Frames in our Ballynahinch practice.


100% handmade in Italy from 100% marine waste (plastic, nets, containers etc.) SeaToSee is the worlds most eco-friendly frame manufacturer and available from Hendersons Opticians.

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Contact Lenses

From daily disposables to monthly wear, single vision, monovision or varifocal, We offer a comprehensive range of contact lenses to suit everyone, in any situation.

Contact lens technology keeps changing, and we now offer several types of lenses in the new generation of silicone hydrogel materials.

These lenses have five times the oxygen transmissibility of other soft contact lenses, making them ideal for anyone who has had problems tolerating lenses in the past or who wears lenses for long hours.

First Time Users & Trail Period

If you are new to contact lenses, we will discuss the pros and cons of the different type of lenses and advise you which are suitable to try.

Should you wish to try to contact lenses, we will arrange an appropriate appointment. Our Optometrist will begin with a full eye examination, and then, after carrying out a number of essential checks, will place the lenses onto the front surface of your eyes for you to allow you to feel just how comfortable modern lenses are and to check the vision with them.

Following this, you will be taught how to handle the lenses and care for them before taking them home for an extended trial.

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Sport Vision Ireland

At Craig Henderson Optometrists

Sports Vision Ireland designs tailor-made visual training programs for both teams and individuals. All applications are based on sound optometric principals and are developed by sports vision consultants who are also qualified, Optometrists.

Sports Vision Ireland aims to work in conjunction with coaches and athletes to design tailor-made, sport-specific optometric assessment and sports vision training for both individual and team athletes.

The ability to catch a ball requires continuous convergence of the eyes, assessing the speed of the ball and predicting its path. To actually catch a ball, one must combine eye inputs with activation of the body's motor system to get the hands in the correct place. It has been shown that athletes with better depth perception would be more successful at catching compared to athletes with poor depth perception. It would seem difficult to find fault with the concept of training biological systems to maximise their normal functions. This would be especially true when it comes to athletic performance.

Visit our dedicated Sports Vision Ireland website for more information.

Audiology Service

Monthly In Saintfield

Audiology is the study of hearing disorders.

Tests are carried out by an Audiologist or Clinical Scientist who will assess if there is any loss of hearing and take further action and make recommendations as required.

Sam Lewis, from Samual Lewis Hearing Aids Belfast, holds a monthly clinic at our Saintfield practice where he will carry out a full audiology examination and carry forward any treatment required.

Samual Lewis Hearing Aids is a family run business with over 50 years of experience.

To book an appointment, please contact us using the on-site form or by phone/email.

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Additional Services

Digital Retinal Photography

Taking an image of your retina for total peace of mind

On-site Glasses Laboratory

Same day service for many types of glasses

Home Visits

We can visit you at home or in a local nursing home

VDU Examination

Full eye test & support for VDU Users


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